Finish That One Creative Project

It's not about the money, it's about a lifetime of regret

Is this you?

1. You have a half-finished creative project or an idea that’s refuses to move out of your head

2. It might be personal, social or political, but you don’t want to leave this earth without having done it.

3. But you just can’t seem to start it, finish it, publish it or share it (if that’s what you’re craving.)


4. You have a job you should love, but don’t.

5. You’re getting older and time is pinching. 

6. You refuse to lie on your deathbed and say “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, and not the life others expected of me.” (The #1 regret of the dying.)

7. You’re sick of social media telling you to “just do it.” 

You’ve been trying.

But every time you try, you get anxious, angry, sleepy, distracted or your body physically resists it, maybe through pain or illness.

You’ve probably:

  • Taken more than one course on “how to do it.”
  • Completed Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.
  • Published some creative projects (just not the one that haunts you).
  • Journaled about it, a lot.
  • Listened to a bunch of podcasts about how other creators do it.
  • Been to a yoga retreat or started meditating. 
Yet, no matter what you try, you just can’t break through the emotional blocks. 

You’re fixated by “the money,” even if you don’t care about the money.

There are three main “value” thoughts your mind gets stuck on:

1. Art is only valuable when a dollar value is attached to it.

2. It’s not valuable until you sell it (but you don’t know how to “sell” it.) 

3. You must have a reliable Plan A job, before making frivolous, irresponsible, unpaid Plan B art.

(But Plan A is so exhausting, you never quite get to Plan B.)

You yearn to be able to:

1. Create easily.

2. Be creative whenever you want.

3. Feel creative all the time (at work, at play, in your relationships).

4. Feel a a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment within yourself.

5. Share what you create in a way that gives you a sense of completion.

But how??? So now you’re looking for someone who knows how to help you heal your unique blocks to creativity.

👋 I'm Samantha Mackay.

Over the years, I’ve seen the incredible toll it takes on clients to hold back their creativity.

They experience doubt, confusion, physical pain, burnout and exhaustion. Which is easy to dismiss when creativity is labelled as ‘non-essential’ in our culture.

And even if they are willing to give up on being creative, there is one “never say die” project they have to complete.

I understand. 

As a child I dreamt of having a creative career, but was told I had to have a Plan A career first. 

It wasn’t long before I was deeply depressed and chronically unwell. But being so desperately sad, sick and exhausted forced me to slow down and ask myself, “what do I really want in this life?”

And the more I healed my body, the more I realised how my creative resistance and illness were connected. 

I still struggle at times, but I know it’s possible to heal the chains wrapped around our creative spirits, whether it’s to complete one project or change our lives so we feel creative all the time.


My work might be a fit if you:

  • Suspect your creative resistance is due, in part, to emotional blocks and (false) internalised beliefs 
  • Are a big fan of Morning Pages, even if you aren’t consistent with them
  • Are interested in the Enneagram and using it as a tool for personal development 
  • Know you’re alive right now for a purpose, and completing your one project feels like an essential part of that
  • Believe productivity culture has infiltrated your beliefs about creativity
  • Have worked with a therapist already, even if it wasn’t about your creative expression
  • Recognise that intuition and energy work are a key part of healing creative spirit

We might get along really well if you:

  • Have a bookshelf overflowing with books on personality and the Enneagram, especially those by Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes. 
  • Have devoured books on healing creativity such as those by Julia Cameron, Steven Pressfield, Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown. 
  • Can name five women artists or love Hannah Gadby’s documentaries on art
  • Have a nerdy side with a plethora of books on healing like Irina Segal’s The Secret Language of Your Body, Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born To Life, Henry Grayson’s Your Power to Heal, Gabor Mate’s The Myth of Normal, Peter Levine’s Trauma and Memory, Bessel van De Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score, and Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code. 
  • Enjoy a good poetry slam and love to read poems aloud when no one is listening
  • Secretly love to read or watch romance-fantasy, like Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah J Maas, Ashley Poston and Emily Henry.

I know this is scary

Choosing someone to help with something so personal is a big decision, you want that fit to be right. 

If it feels like a fit so far, send me a email about your burning project and your concerns and I will send you some resources to get you started.