Enneagram Coaching for Healing

Craft the life you yearn for by healing your inner world with the Enneagram.

Is this you?

1. You’re working hard to thrive in your health, your relationships and/or your career. 

2. And you’ve been trying to do things differently. 

3. But it’s feels like you’re fighting yourself.


A. You’re not new at this, you’ve already made a lot of progress in therapy or coaching.

B. But you’ve hit a block you’re struggling to unravel.

C. And you want to know you’re investing your time and energy on inner work that will shift the specific issue you’re grappling with. 

What is Enneagram Coaching for Healing?

Enneagram Coaching for Healing is a holistic yet tailored approach that meets you exactly where you are. 

It acknowledges that whatever challenge you can’t navigate, requires a combination of healing and growth in a way that acknowledges your ego’s underlying needs. 

Practically, it’s a mix of:

  • Deep listening and whole-hearted presence,
  • Somatic connection and exploration, and
  • Experimenting with doing things differently. 

All of which is easier to do within a framework that explains what’s going on within us in an accessible way. That’s the Enneagram, a framework for adult development that’s far more than the nine types it’s mostly known for.

We use the Enneagram to: 

  • Pinpoint which part of your inner world we’re working with,
  • Reveal the deeper pattern,
  • Explore what needs healing, and 
  • Use relevant tools and techniques that expand that part of your inner protection system.  


That enables me to tailor coaching to meet your type, your specific issue and your stage of healing.  

👋 I'm Samantha Mackay.

Over the years, I’ve seen the incredible toll it takes on clients to hold it all in: their voice, their feelings, their instincts, their intuition. 

They experience doubt, confusion, physical pain, burnout and exhaustion. Which we tolerate when being our real self seems like a recipe for rejection.

But there comes a point when we’re done with the BS. And we remember “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.” And we commit to blooming into the complete fullness of ourselves, no matter how messy.

Then the healing can begin.

We start by healing our body and reconnecting to our instincts and intuition. Then we hit the next roadblock. We assume we’ve healed enough to live freely. 

But all we feel is resistance.

Resistance that’s hard to shake free.

I know.

As a child I dreamt of living a wildly creative life, dancing on broadway or writing my way to a pulitzer prize. But was told I had to have a Plan A career first. 

After a series of doors closed in my face, I became a lawyer. It wasn’t long before I was deeply depressed and chronically unwell. 

But being so desperately sad, sick and exhausted forced me to slow down and ask myself, “what do I really want in this life?”

And the more I healed my body, the more I realised how it was all connected. But healing my body was just the beginning. To let my messy creative self fly free, I needed to heal my approach to life, and for that I needed the Enneagram.


Yearning to be ourselves

On the surface, people work with me for a range of different reasons. 


  • Crafting a career that’s enlivening, aligned and not draining 
  • Reducing symptoms of burnout and chronic illness
  • Wanting to feel seen, accepted and loved in marriage
  • Healing unexplained pain when trying to be creative 
  • Releasing the creative voice within
  • Authentically promoting one’s work or business

These may seem like very different issues, but underneath they share something in common.

A yearning to be ourselves, without fear or resistance.

To finally let out our inner messiness and feel seen, accepted and appreciated as we are. To bring our secret desires, darker truths, overwhelming feelings, and creative ideas into the light and not shrink or posture.

To do that, we work together to help you slowly remember who you are beneath the surface and what’s it’s like to trust yourself. To trust your body, your heart, your mind, no matter what life throws at you. 

Is Enneagram Coaching for Healing a fit for you?

Let’s start with time, money and logistics. 

  1. I charge a monthly fee of $400 USD (and I offer a sliding scale based on currency exchange or financial need, please ask.)
  2. Change takes time. To make change stick, I ask you to commit to meeting 3 times a month for 6 months. 
  3. You can pause or cancel at any time.
  4. We’ll meet online via Zoom (or another video chat platform).
  5. You’re available to spend 1-2 hours per week on learning, reflection or inner work activities.
I work with people around the world, literally. United States, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East. We just need to check our time zones cross over. I’m available between 8am – 5pm AEST (Which is after 3pm PST in the US, and after 8am in Europe.)

Now let’s ensure we’re aligned on the Enneagram.

  1. You appreciate that your personality plays a role in what you’re struggling with.
  2. You’re open to working with the Enneagram. (Not familiar with the Enneagram? Learn more here.)
  3. You’re willing to develop skills your Enneagram type normally overlooks.
  4. And…if you’re already aware of your subtype, you’re comfortable using instinctual subtypes (not wings or tri-type) for inner work.


  1. You’re open to doing somatic and emotional inner work and opening all three centres in coaching.
  2. You’re okay to take the CP Enneagram Compass test before we start working together.
Note: This isn’t therapy and I’m not a therapist. Ideally you’ll also be working with a therapist, or can reach out to a therapist, when issues that require a deeper therapeutic approach arise. If you are currently grappling with a complex mental health issue or suicidal ideation, this is unlikely to be the support you need right now. If you’re not sure, reach out and ask.

Will we be a good fit?

There are many Enneagram coaches each with their own approach and style. It’s important to work with someone you click with. 

We’ll be a good fit if:

  • You’re nerdy about healing, and have read books by Brene Brown, Gabor Mate, Louise Hay, Peter Levine, Byron Katie and Julia Cameron. 
  • You’ve tried some form of energy healing, maybe that’s acupuncture, maybe that’s reiki, but you recognise that in some way everything is connected.  
  • You appreciate your body is a source of wisdom, even if you feel disconnected to it most days. 
  • A part of you is deeply creative, but it struggles to flow.
  • You have a journaling, meditation or mindful movement practice (even if it’s a bit inconsistent.)
  • You appreciate our aim is to expand the choices your inner world presents you with.

We’ll be an especially good fit:

1. You own a copy of “The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up” by Beatrice Chestnut & Uranio Paes.

2. Your favourite Enneagram podcast is “Enneagram 2.0”

3. If you can name five women artists. 

4. And you have a secret love for poetry slams or romance-fantasy like Grey’s Anatomy, Bridgerton, Sarah J Maas, Ashley Poston or Emily Henry.

Getting Started

Here’s what I suggest:

1. Book a time to chat with me about what you’re trying to shift.

2. I’ll give you a code to take the CP Enneagram Compass. (Or take it for yourself now.)

3. Send me the results, and book a time to review them with me and discuss what your inner work plan could look like. 

4. If we feel like a fit and the process aligns with you, I recommend booking 3 coaching sessions to be extra sure.

That way, you’ll know if this approach is right for you before you go all in.

I look forward to meeting you,