Enneagram for Creative Teams

For when you need jaw dropping results everyone is proud of. 

Helping creative teams flourish.

Creativity is always personal. It’s easy for the heart of feedback to get lost in digital translation. 

The Enneagram For Teams programme teaches marketing, design and event teams who work remotely how to redesign their communication style so feedback lands with less sting and more impact.

But there's a catch.

Doing so requires self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It means recognising one’s own communication habits and patterns, both everyday and under stress. 

And sometimes, that can be hard to hear.

Which is why we recommend teams have started to develop these skills before using the Enneagram.

Is it a fit for your team?

Our approach to the Enneagram For Teams is not right for everyone.
Let’s confirm it’s a good fit.

Our Approach

Our approach focuses on safety, stretch and stickability.
And having a few laughs at ourselves along the way.


Leader Orientation

We believe that onboarding leaders first increases the team’s confidence to apply the Enneagram’s insights quickly.


  • One-on-one debriefs of Enneagram report 
  • Individual or group mentoring to apply team insights to strategic issues


Team Orientation

Then we introduce every team member to the Enneagram in safe, interactive and engaging way.


  • One-on-one debriefs of Enneagram report 
  • A 2 hour virtual team workshop introducing the Enneagram types and team profile
  • Workbooks and Cheatsheets


Practical Integration

Then we focus on stretch and stickability. Through short sessions, with practice and support, we integrate the Enneagram into your team’s world.

Potential topics:

  • Clear Communication
  • Effective Feedback
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Resilience
  • Leadership Presence and Influence


  • A integration programme based on team needs
  • Bite-sized virtual workshops 
  • Ongoing mentoring for key team leaders 
  • Workbooks and Cheatsheets

Your Enneagram Partner

Samantha Mackay

Your Enneagram Partner: Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

Samantha specialises in helping people transform their personal and working relationships with the Enneagram.

She has been introducing teams to the Enneagram since 2021. Prior to that she designed and facilitated leadership development and culture change programmes for some of New Zealand’s key organisations. 

She has 20 years experience facilitating interactive and engaging workshops that help people and teams thrive. 

Samantha is a CP Enneagram Certified Practitioner, a certified Neuroleadership Results Coach, and has an LLM from University of New South Wales. 

She has worked remotely for many years, most notable while working as Truity’s Lead Trainer delivering personality based education in a range of forms.

Personally, Samantha is a bit of a culture hound and loves art, movies, theatre and words that intrigue, inspire and shift perspectives. She misses having a local yoga studio but loves living so close to her niece and nephew.

My Philosophy

1. The Enneagram is an incredible tool for growth, as a person and as a leader, but it has a time and place, for every person and every team. And that time might not be now. 

2. Until we spend time getting to know each type, we hold misconceptions and misunderstandings of each Enneagram type. These can undermine our ability to use the Enneagram’s insights in a wholehearted way. To help, I wrote an ebook. Get a copy here.

3. The Enneagram is a personal development tool first, it shines a light on the relationship we have with ourselves. That in turn, allows us to adapt and transform our relationships with others. 

Get a copy of my ebook


Samantha helped us see our blindspots and encouraged open dialogue about how we could individualize our messages. There were plenty of a-ha moments for the team and I see them trying to shift their styles after our half day session.
Dominique Powis
CTO (PACC), Telstra Health
Even after attending a few one day seminars, I couldn't get my head around the complexity of the Enneagram. After coaching sessions with Samantha, it felt much easier to understand and apply.
Clare Ayers
People Matters

Companies I've worked with include:

Seem like a fit?

Chat to Samantha about how the Enneagram for Teams programme could support you and your team’s creative work. 


1. Do you offer in person sessions?

Very occasionally as I am based remotely in Australia. Feel free to ask.

2. Can we just run the introductory workshop?

Yes, absolutely. 

3. Which Enneagram test do you recommend?

The one with the report that best suits your team’s culture.

4. What time zones do you work in?

I work with teams in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

As I am currently based in New South Wales, Australia on AEST, for meetings I am generally available from 8am AEST (2pm PST).

For workshops I am available a little earlier from 12pm PST / 3pm EST (depending on daylight savings). 

5. Do you run team building sessions?

I do, but not often. I think these work best when the facilitator is in the room, and I work remotely. 

Also, I don’t believe the Enneagram is the right tool for team building, that is, helping teams form. I think it’s best for teams looking for deepen collaboration and cohesion.