We have four complex bodies. Which one needs healing now?

The Four bodies model empowers us to decide what healing we need now. Based on our unique bodies, experience and situation.

The Four Bodies model is based on the principle that our intangible bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) are just as complex as our physical body. And knowing that can help us prioritise which part of us is calling for healing right now.


I quit work. I had nothing left to give.

Soon I would have endless time to focus on getting well. To recover from burnout, to heal my eczema and ideally, not feel so sad and tired all the time.

I didn’t want to waste this time, so I made a plan.

My day would start with meditation, followed by journaling, take a
short walk, followed by a good breakfast. In the evening I would do yoga, more meditation, maybe some dancing, affirmations and read books on healing.

I was ready for this healing business. REEAADDY!

Thankfully a friend shared the most helpful advice I’ve ever gotten.

He said “Your plan sounds great, but full on. Instead try writing your ideas down, and do what your body wants to in the moment.”

Sure I thought, that sounds sensible.

I made a list of about 30 healing activities. Splitting them into four categories – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (or four bodies). (I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to put them all on paper.)

Then I waited. Waited until work was done and I could ask my body what it wanted. What it needed.

In almost every moment, it said, “Sleep.”

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I was that tired and I had no idea. I was still trying to push my body, to control it, even in healing. In doing so I would have created more dis-ease than ease.


Tangible vs Intangible Healthcare

The western healthcare system prioritises what can be observed and what can be measured. The tangible.

But health isn’t so simple. Our physical health is not seperate from our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Our tangible bodies do not exist separately from our intangible bodies. They intertwine and impact each other.

Internal tension becomes physical illness

Chronic or prolonged stress often starts as an internalised belief about ourselves that our current environment makes difficult to bear. (This is an incredibly simplified understanding, but let’s roll with it for now.)

That inner tension appears as negative thought spirals, unbearable feelings, unmet needs and a struggle to express ourselves.

If we lack the skills and space to tend to those symptoms, we feel stressed. If left untended for too long, things start to snowball. That might be symptoms of anxiety or depression, but can also manifest as skin conditions, headaches, persistent coughs, digestion disorders, unexplained pain and other mystery symptoms.

The physical symptom is an alert

When you notice an imbalance or disorder in your body, that’s like your phone letting you know it’s time for a software update.

But we have to prep the phone first.

First we focus on meeting our bodies immediate needs. Adjusting how we take care of our body, through food, water, air and sleep quality, but also seeking additional support from health practitioners as needed.

Once we have some stability in our physical body, we have the capacity to start the software update.

But here’s where it gets confusing. Because this isn’t something we’ve been taught how to do. Not in school, not at home, not at work. It’s not a preprogrammed download.

So we find ourselves plagued by questions like:

  • Where do I start?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • What else can I do?
  • Is meditation really the answer?

Which only adds to our stress and dis-ease.

Where to start?

Frameworks help you make empowered decisions based on your inner experience. On your unique inner world and your unique needs.

The Four Bodies is such one model. It gives you words, tools and the ability to prioritise what you need now. Watch my explainer below.

The Four Bodies in Action

At the start of my “healing sabbatical” sleeping was the best thing I could do for my eczema, adrenal fatigue, and gut problems. I also did a little walking, worked with a naturopath and went onto the autoimmune protocol.

I wasn’t ready for emotional, mental or spiritual work. My body needed time to stabilise and move out of crisis before I could start any kind of software update.

Once I had that, I was ready to go inward.

And you can too. If you need help applying this model to healing your intangible bodies, send me an email, I’m here to help.