Practice giving yourself permission to do things differently

"What got you here, 
won't get you there."

Doing things differently is harder than it sounds. 

Resisting our usual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting is tricky. They don’t call it willpower for nothing. 

But if we simply try to resist our patterns using willpower, control or power over ourselves, our inner world slaps us down. 

But we aren’t weak. 

We’re simply using the wrong tool.

Instead of force, try permission. 

Permission Expands, 
Force Contracts

We never win with force, coercion or control. Not in the long run anyway.

It feels strange to do things differently at first. Trying new things, playing with new ideas, feelings and actions. It feels weird, unknown, uncertain.

But in this “yes, and” process you learn how to work with yourself, not against it.

With practice, patience and permission, you will develop a relationship with your inner world based on grace, compassion, acceptance, and most importantly, love. 


Practice Permission

With Individuo Permission Cards

This 60 card deck will help you: 

  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom
  • Practice doing things differently
  • Discover how you resist change
  • Connect you to your unmet needs
  • Expand into a wider range of feelings
  • Notice your inner critic’s tactics


1. Pick a card

Start by centering yourself so you can hear your inner world better. 

Pause, breathe and pick a card. 

2. Ask yourself...

  • How am I reacting to this?
  • Can I do this right now?
  • How might I need this?
  • What else do I need?

3. Do the thing

Give yourself permission to try the new thing. It might be what’s written on the card, a variation of it or something entirely differently. 

Just slowly feel into the weirdness of it and try whatever feels within your capacity right now. 

Practice Permission Everyday

Picking a card everyday, or every time you feel stuck, will help you build your capacity to work with your inner world rather than against it. 

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