“For when the wind blows you in a new direction, and you’re ready to heed the call.”

Enneagram Debrief

Not sure about your Enneagram type? Samantha helps you confirm your type and understand what it all means. 

Enneagram Mentoring

Got a specific challenge? Samantha helps you face it with more nuance, awareness and compassion.

Executive Coaching

Embodied support for those seeking to evolve into a deeper, more grounded approach to leadership.

Self-Care Life Coaching

Supporting people to heal from and with burnout, injury, chronic illness, auto immune conditions and build a life that energises and enriches.

Team Workshops

Samantha delivers practical, engaging and insightful presentations and workshops, online and in person, that help teams work better together.

Spiritual Advocacy

A place for questions about life, both big and small. Questions that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.