"Samantha helped me remedy what a hypochondria therapist couldn't"

“After living with ‘unexplainable illnesses’ that would mysteriously disappear after consulting with doctors for most of my life, Samantha’s Body Mapping Guide gave me unexpected insight into what might actually be the cause of the problem.

Through subsequent coaching sessions Samantha helped me unravel these symptoms, my repressed creativity and emotions with practical tools and Enneagram strategies.

There hasn’t been a time in my life when I’ve been free of physical symptoms for more than a few days at a time – I’ve now hit one month and am starting to feel confident to socialise, and express my creativity again without having to constantly have an ‘exit’ strategy to get back to a safe place.

If you suspect that your physical symptoms may have an emotional cause, or if other therapists just don’t seem to understand you, I recommend Samantha’s coaching 100%. “

Naomi, Sexual Nine

“Samantha helped me create considerable shifts I would not have accomplished alone.”

“Working with Sam has been an incredibly enriching experience. She was able to take the considerable amount of inner work I’d completely previously and build on that – guiding me through loads of uncharted territory together. 

Each session was expertly tailored to my needs and goals, and Sam wove a beautiful blend of compassion, insight and humour into all of our work together. 

I am extremely grateful for the considerable shifts and acceleration in my personal development that I would not have accomplished alone. 

Thank you Sam, for creating a safe and empowering space in which I could flourish in ways that I never have before.”

Kristin, Self-Preservation Four

“Countless past therapy sessions could not reveal what Samantha did.” 

“I’ve dived into many Enneagram books and podcasts, but it wasn’t until I had coaching sessions with Samantha that I finally understood myself.

Her wisdom & insights cut straight to the core. That, combined with an ability to communicate the Enneagram unlike anything I’d read or heard so far – meant my sessions with her were a complete ‘a-ha’ experience explaining so much of my life…for the first time ever! 

Even countless past therapy sessions could not reveal what Samantha did. I’m so hopeful for my life path ahead, and I’m forever grateful to Samantha for it.”

Jomine, Social Four

“I feel so fortunate to have found her”

“I am a recovering Good Girl. I was taught to always “Be sweet. Be loving. Be kind.” Three years ago I made two huge steps outside of my small box. I got divorced and I came out as lesbian. But, sure enough, my worst fears came true. I have been cut out of my family.
Samantha has a compassionate way of offering support in very practical ways. I feel so fortunate to have found her. Thank you, again, Samantha.”

Shana, Self-Preservation Nine

“Now I understand the Enneagram.”

“Even after attending a few one day seminars, I couldn’t get my head around the complexity of the Enneagram. After coaching sessions with Samantha, it felt much easier to understand and apply. 

She answered my questions and fully confirmed my type and what steps to take for further personal growth and development.

And Samantha’s willingness to work with my clients and family members has been great. They all have reported back how helpful they have found the process and especially working with Samantha. 

They have ranged from having no knowledge of the Enneagram to having extensive knowledge. Each spoke of the journey being very helpful in their lives and spoke highly of their experience of working with Samantha. 

I am very grateful to have this knowledge, which I continue to implement into my work, practise and life. Now, I get it. Thank you Samantha for taking me, my family and clients on this journey of growth and insight.”

Clare, Social Two

“The workshop helped my team communicate better”

“Samantha ran a half day Enneagram workshop for my leadership team. 

I wanted them to know how to communicate with each other in a way that would take the team from good to amazing. 

Samantha helped us navigate our profiles in a safe space, opening our eyes to our blind spots and encouraging open dialogue on how we could individualise our messages to suit our profiles. There were plenty of a-ha moments and I can see the team trying to shift their styles with what they learnt. 

It was a powerful workshop for the team and highly recommended.”

Dominique, Self-Preservation Three